In our factory, you will find all the nuts & seeds in any form that suits you.

In more detail:

  • Pistachio (inshell raw, with salt, unsalted, whole kernel, broken kernel)
  • Almond (raw, with salt, unsalted, blanched, sliced, shelled, caramelized with sesame, bitter)
  • Peanut with skin (raw, with salt, unsalted, caramelized with sesame)
  • Inshell peanut (raw, with salt, unsalted)
  • Blanched peanut (raw, with salt, unsalted, spicy)
  • Hazelnut (raw, roasted- unsalted, shelled)
  • Cashews (raw, with salt, unsalted)
  • Walnut (kernel, in shell)
  • Sunflower seed (raw, with salt, unsalted, kernel),
  • Pumpkin seed (raw, with salt, unsalted, kernel)
  • Chickpea (natural, yellow, crunchy, yellow spicy)
  • Pine nut kernel
  • Pecan kernel
  • Macadamia kernel (raw, roasted)
  • Brazilian nut kernel
  • Popcorn (seed, corn-nuts salted/spicy)